How do you see the world?  I mean, how do you really see it? Pick one thing, anything.  Describe it.  Hold onto it.  Describe it again, and again, and again…  This thing will surprise you: it will change over and over again and it will teach you more than you bargained for.

I’ve spent more than twenty years with this thing that accidentally punctured my life.  For twenty years, I wanted to get rid of it, lose it, smash it, show it off to the world, bury it, cremate it, feed it to my dog… Mostly, I just ignored it, but now I can’t be without it.  It’s become my teacher, my talisman, my muse.

Through my weekly writings, you will experience twenty years of incredibly honest tales, many of which are contradictory, because if I didn’t contradict myself, I wouldn’t be human.


2 responses to “About

  1. “This is a copy paste message”

    Hi there my name is Almeida Garcez, and I´m a freelance illustrator and writer.
    I love to listen, and interpretate the power of words.
    My work is mainly focus on social issues, philosophy, and existentialism.
    Right now I´m into a very personal project, that I think it´s the answer for all forms of life – collaboration.
    I illustrate people´s phrases, songs and wandering thoughts, I´ve called it Abandoned Illustrations.
    The reason that I´m “reaching” you, it´s because you followed me a couple of weeks ago.
    I hope it wasn´t a mechanical reaction that bursted out of you.
    I hope the first reaction I caused in you, was good, and my work truly made you reflect.
    We both know it´s easy to follow someone, since we already do that in our role in society,
    and in all sorts of ideologies.
    Please unfollow me if you only intended to sell your marketing.
    If you didn´t returned to my blog after you followed me, please go to:
    There you can take a look at the topography of my reflections, and overall geography of my brain.
    If you come to a conclusion that after all you don´t like my interpretations and analogies, please unfollow my blog.

    Kindest Regards
    Almeida Garcez

    • I had wished this comment to be about my own blog post, as you are my first commenter. Imagine my disappointment. Had a moment been taken to peruse, you would see that my writing is personal, and far from a money-making scheme.

      All I have to sell are a few pieces of mid-century modern furniture listed on eBay. Feel free to browse.

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